• Women’s Health

  • Common health issues in Women: Incontinence, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse

    Urinary Incontinence: Incontinence is known as leakage of urine. It is very common and often considered as embarrassing. Most people think it is normal to have leakage after child birth. It is more prevalent in younger as well as old age. It can affect quality of life, women doesn’t want to go out with their kids as the most frustrating reason is leakage of urine while running, jumping and laughing and coughing. However it shouldn’t be affecting quality of life and they don’t have to live with this as it can be treated with physiotherapy.

    Pelvic organ prolapse: Pressure of something coming out or feeling of heaviness is the most common complaint associated with organ prolapse. This feeling is caused by descent of uterus, bladder or rectum into the vagina. It is caused by failure of pelvic connective tissue and weakness to hold organs in place. It can further cause urine leakage.

    Diastasis Recti: The separation between two abdominals named as Rectus abdominis on the both sides is known as diastasis recti. It can happen during pregnancy or postpartum. It can cause lower back pain, weakness in core and incontinence.

    Physiotherapy can help to change this with customized home exercise programs, bladder training, and pelvic floor muscle strengthening and endurance exercises.

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